Athletic Directors’ Minutes Wednesday August 31, 2011

Hayden’s Rantoul 11 am




1.  The 2011-12 Calendar was review and updated.


2.  The Athletic Directors review the Minutes from the April 19th Athletic Directors meeting and the May 4th Principals  meeting.  The Athletic Directors also reviewed the current SVC Coops.


3.  The Treasurer’s Report was reviewed and a discussion on the expenses for the 2011-12 school year.  Schools were reminded that the dues for this year are $500  (paid—Paxton-Buckley-Loda, Cissna Park and St. Joseph-Ogden as of the meeting. 


4.  All of the rosters are posted online and Athletic Directors were reminded they can update them as needed.


5.  An update on the 2011 Soccer Tournament was given.  (St. Thomas More won the tourney on Saturday September 3rd)  Athletic Directors were reminded the entry fee of $150 is due to the SVC.  (Currently Watseka has paid)  The Tie Breaker Procedure was discussed and the Athletic Directors agreed that this should be used in the tourney.  The proposed by-law will be presented to the Principals at their September 7th meeting.


6.  Mr. Hennessy informed the Athletic Directors that the SVC Golf will be at Lake of the Woods on September 29th at 9 am. More information will come soon.  There will be 5 boy’s schools this year, so a trophy will be ordered.


7.  The Athletic Directors discussed the 2011 SVC Volleyball Tourney (PBL is the host on Oct 19, 20 and 22nd Saturday this year) The Athletic Directors agree that the tourney will be seeded on Tuesday Oct 18th based on the final standings.


8.  The 2011 SVC Social will be on Wednesday September 14th at Shagbark. The number eating and what are due to John Overstreet by Friday September 9th.   (Dinner Menu)   The Athletic Directors had no recommendations for the Friend of the SVC Award this year. 


9.  A brief discussion on the Honor Chorus was held.  The Chorus Directors will meet on Wednesday Sept 14th at 1 pm at Moncials in Paxton.  Schools were reminded of the entry fee of $75 that is required this year (PBL has paid) and there will be an admission cost of $4 and $3 this year.  The actual date of Concert is Monday November 14th at Clifton Central.  More information will be posted later.


10.  The Athletic Directors discussed the IHSA Sportsmanship Conference Program that is due October 20th.  This will be included on the Principals agenda.


11.  The Athletic Directors were reminded of the Steroid Testing Program—required of all athletes (form) and required test of all coaches that the IHSA decided to continue again this year at their August Board meeting.


12.  Also a reminder of Concussion form and RTP to was discussed.


13.  The Athletic Directors discussed the 2001 Volleyball Schedules.  Also a discussion on the Volley for the Cure to be held on Sept 22nd for the whole conference was held.  Each host school must fill out the form from the packet or online at the IHSA volleyball page to register for the event.  The Athletic Directors decided that the teams will wear the pink shirts with numbers (cost $9.50—paid for by each school) and the public would be offered the choice of a black or pink shirt at $10.00.  The cost to the school is $7.50.  The designs are online at the Volley for the Cure site along with an order form.  Shirt orders are due to John Overstreet by Friday September 9th to allow for time to get the shirts made before the 22nd.  Craig Massey was recommended to do the shirts.


14.  The 2011 Football Schedules were reviewed. 


15.  The 2012 Football Schedules and tentative official assignments were reviewed and some changes in assignments were made.  The updated schedule and assignments will be post over the weekend.


16.  A brief discussion was held on the online film exchange.  Some schools were having trouble uploading, but hopefully the company will correct this.  If a school can not upload, the films will have to be exchanged by DVD as in the past.  The Athletic Directors agreed that there would be no deadline to get this done, since some schools play on Saturday.  The coaches will work out times between themselves.


The meeting adjourned at 12:15.