Sangamon Valley Conference

Principals’ Minutes

Wednesday April 7, 2004


1.  The meeting started at 8:15.  All schools were present except: Blue Ridge, Clifton Central, Iroquois West, and Momence.


2.  Mr. Roberts of Watseka made motion to accept the minutes of the March 3, 2004 meeting as presented.  Mr. Maurer of CPCI seconded.  The motion carried unanimously.


3.  Mr. Uphoff of Fisher presented the Treasurer’s Report.  The SVC has a balance of $5651.50 as of today.  Mr. Colba of Tri Valley made a motion to accept the Treasurer’s Report, seconded by Mr. Roberts.  The motion carried unanimously.


4.  Mr. Tipsord of LeRoy stated that 12 schools met last week to discuss a new conference centered around Bloomington-Normal.  This included 5 SVC schools, (LeRoy, Tri Valley, Blue Ridge, Fisher and Gibson City Melvin Sibley) The other schools were current members of the Midstate conference.  He also informed the Principals that 8 of the schools administrators agreed to take the plan to their School Boards.  Official invites went out to the schools this past Monday.  The change would take place in two years, 2006-07.


Mr. Maurer of CPCI stated that he felt disappointed in the move since so much work had been done to keep the SVC together, to keep Milford in the SVC and to encourage Clifton Central to join the SVC.


Mr. Roberts of Watseka agreed with Mr. Maurer that he was disappointed and he felt in his 15 years in the SVC in two different schools that a lot of work had been done to make things work.  He felt it was a “sad situation”, but each school had to do what they had to do. 


5.  Possible nominees for the Bud Maynard Award were discussed.  Since there were at least 3 nominees this year a committee was formed to select the recipient.  The committee consists of Roger Roberts, Mr. Millage of St. Thomas More and John Overstreet of PBL.  The committee will meet after the May 5th meeting.  Each nominee should have a letter of recommendation for the award at or before the meeting.


6.  A discussion was held on the possible by law change to allow pre determined tournament games to count as regular season games. 


Mr. Uphoff suggested a template to be used to ensure that both schools were in agreement.  John Overstreet will develop this and post it soon.  Mr. Uphoff made a motion to accept the by-law presented with the addition of a template, Mr. Roberts seconded.  In a roll call vote, the motion carried 6-2-1.  (yeas—CPCI, Fisher, LeRoy, PBL, Tri Valley and Watseka.  Nays—Hoopeston Area and Milford.  Abstaining—Armstrong.


7.  Mr. Roberts made a motion to donate $100 to Country Thyme Tea Room for use of the facilities for this school year.  Mr. Uphoff seconded.  The motion carried unanimously.


8.  A reminder that officers would need to be elected for the 2004-05 school year at the May 5th meeting.  Officers are:  President, Vice President and Treasurer.  The Principals will also have to appoint an Executive Secretary.


9.  A tentative calendar for the 2004-05 school year was presented.  A site for Honor Band will be needed and a date and place for the All Conference Football and Volleyball is needed.  John Overstreet suggested that the two be held on the same night at the same location.  This will be looked into.


10.  John Overstreet discussed the possibility of not holding a seed meeting the night before the SVC meet.  The seed meeting is currently scheduled for Monday May 10th at PBL.  Because of the ability to do all the seeding online, there is not a need for a seed meeting.  Seeds would be due on the Monday May 10th by noon.  Seeds and tentative heats would be posted later that afternoon.  Changes could be made up until a time, 10 am on Tuesday the day of the meet.  After that time, final heats would be made and no changes except scratches at the meet would be allowed.


The disadvantage would be workers for the meet would have to be assigned ahead of time.  This could be done at the Athletic Directors meeting on April 21st and would be based on the remaining needs that GCMS could not fill.


Also, reminder that each school has to pay $30 to the SVC to enter the meet to help cover the awards and there will be a $1 admission charge to help GCMS pay for expenses.


11. The scholarship committees reviewed applications and made the following selections:



Emma Hanford



Evan Williams


Male Athletic

Andrew Knapp


Female Athletic

Frannie Epps


Fine Arts

Megan Knilands




12.  The meeting adjourned at 9:45 am.