Seeding Procedures for Sectional Meet:


100/110 Hurdles/200:


If FAT is used:  Heat Winners and then the next ______ (this will be determined based on the number of heats.  (page 25 of Manager’s Manual)


Manual Time:


If 4 heats—top two.


Also: Note on Page 4 of the Terms VI #3 ----If athletes from the same school are seeded in the same heat, they will not be separated. 


4x100, 4x200, 440 dash, 300 hurdles and 4x400:


This will be seeded on time entered—the fast heat will be “full” and Section 1 will have at least 3 runners.   At the meet, if there are enough scratches earlier enough some races may be reseeded.  The starters will not “move” runners from one heat to another without the Games Committee’s involvement.  Moving runners without the FAT operator being aware could result in some athlete being miss picked and would be a disadvantage to the student-athlete.


800, 1600, 3200 and 4x800 Relay:


Runners will be assigned to 4 alleys, Alley 4 being the “best”, then 3 and so on.


Max # in a heat: 


Less than 24----1 heat

24-32 runners—2 heats

33-48 runners—3 heats


Note for 3200 run:  (page 27 of manual)  the slowest half of the entries are put in Section 1 and the fastest half of the entries are put in Section 2.


Field Events:


See the Field Events Link for more information


Flights for Long Jump, Triple Jump, Discus and Shot:


Divide into 9 per flight, 1-2 more can be added if needed.


Advancement to finals:  3 throws/jumps in prelims—then top 9 (and ties) advance to finals and then 3 more throws/jumps.  (page 8 terms)


High Jump and Pole Vault---Games Committee can decide to use “five alive”


Starting heights—to be determined at seed meeting.