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Track Online Meet Hosting


Thank you for choosing to host your meets online! 


Instructions for you and for attending coaches are included in this file.  The coaches’ instructions may be used in your meet packets.  Make as many copies as you need.


Additional notes:


1. Part of attending coaches’ registration is to set up a TEAM CODE and TEAM NAME.  You may want to assign them a code and name yourself (especially if you already have a code and name on file in your Track system), and write it on their instruction sheet.  For Michigan coaches, instruct them to use the codes and names assigned by the MHSAA for regional and final meets.  When you receive entries from the coach, you will be shown what team code and name they used (if necessary, they can be changed at that point).


2. As coaches finish their entries on the web, they will be sending an email.  You receive entries using the Entries Options => Receive Entries functions from the Sydex Track main menu. There is an appendix in the new 2004 Track user’s guide with complete instructions, or see the page titled “Meet Setup for Hosting Coach” in this packet.


3.  You will be charged $3.50 per team that uses the system, the day after your meet is done.  A complete list of users will be included with your bill/receipt.



Track & Field Online Entries System

Meet Setup for Hosting Coach





1. Go to the Sydex website (, and click on “Track Online Meet Entries”.


2. The main page for Online Entries appears.  Click “Set up a Meet for Entries (Hosting Coach)”.


3. Type in your meet code (see the lead page in this packet) and click “Submit”.


4. The Meet Info Setup Screen appears.  Type in the information - fields with a blue asterisk next to them are required.  Follow any instructions associated with the fields.  This information displays for coaches who log into your meet.


5. When done with Meet Info, click “Confirm and Proceed to Event Setup”.


6. The first screen that appears is for Men’s Events.  Based on your choice of “Indoor/Outdoor” and “High School/College” on the previous screen, a default list of events will be set up for you.  This appears on the right, as “Selected Events”.  If you need to add a new event, first look for it in the list on the left, and if you find it, add it to the list on the right.  If you don’t see it, click the “Create A Custom Event” button at the bottom of the screen.  Follow the on-screen instructions.  When you have successfully added it, return to the events screen and add it from the master list into the selected list.  After you’ve selected the men’s events, click “Switch to Women’s Events” and repeat.


7. When finished, click “Finish Event Setup and Return to Main Menu”.

- You may return to the meet setup screens at any time by following steps 1-3 above.  Change anything you need (be careful about events!  If you remove an event and coaches have already registered their athletes, their entries in those events will disappear).


To receive email entries from attending coaches


1. Each time a coach sends you their entries, you will get an email with the subject “SCHOOLNAME Entries”.  For example, if the sending school is WESTERN, the subject for that email will be “WESTERN Entries”.  When you open the email, the top has instructions for saving the file.  Follow these instructions.


2. To receive the email into your meet, open up the Sydex Track program.  Click Entries Options, then Receive Entries. 


3. Select the meet you will be receiving the entries into.  Then using the Find button, locate the entries file.  When all settings on the screen are correct, click Go. 


4. Confirm the school code and name, or change it if you wish (either select from your team list, or type one in).


5. Double-check that the entries were received correctly by going into the meet and accessing Super Seed for that team.




Track & Field Online Entries System

Instructions for Attending Coaches




1. Go to the Sydex website (, and click on “Track Online Meet Entries”.



2. The main page for Online Entries appears.  Click “Roster Setup/Send Entries to a Meet”.



3. The login screen appears.  Type in your User Name and Password if you are a returning user.  First-time users, click “Register as New User”, fill in the fields, and click Proceed.  The next screen asks for your team information.  Fill in according to the on-screen directions.



4. On the Meet Selection screen, select your meet then click “Proceed to Add/Change Rosters...”.



5. You are now successfully logged into the meet.  Please review the meet information (bottom of screen), taking note of any “Special Instructions” given by the meet host.



6. Enter your rosters with the “View/Edit Roster” buttons.  Follow all instructions, making sure to enter athlete grade/class if your host requires it! (You will be shown on-screen if it is needed).



7. Once you’ve entered your roster, return to the main screen.  The events are listed in boxes -- men on the left, women on the right.  To begin, click on the first event in the list, then click “Add/Change Event Entries”.  (Note: if you have already put entries into a different meet with the Sydex online system, you may use the “Load Entries from Previous Meet” button.  This will put previously entered athletes into the events, along with any seed marks you entered.)  Follow all instructions, clicking “Go To Next Event” as you work through the events.  Click the “Confirm Entries and Return...” button when you are finished.



8. After all the athletes are in events, you may view your work by returning to the previous screen and clicking “View a List of Your Entries”.  You may either view entries by event, or by athlete. 



9. To send the email of your entries to the host, click “Email your Entries to Host”.  You may send this email more than once, if necessary.