Directions to Pontiac High School  (updated 9-1-06)


There are several ways to get to Pontiac from Paxton. All the routes will end meeting at the intersection of Route 47 and Route 116.


Take either:


Route 9 west to Route 115 and turn right, north, and take Route 115 thru Piper City and then north the intersection of Route 115 and Route 116.  Turn left and go west to Saunemin. Go straight thru the 4 way stop.




Take Route 9 east to Route 115, turn right and go north to Piper City.  Turn left and take Route 24 to Forrest.  At the 4 way stop, turn right, north, and take Route 47 north to the intersection of Route 116 and Route 47.  Turn left at the 4 way stop.




Take Route 9 to Gibson City and then take Route 47 north to Saunemin.  Turn left onto Route 116.


Once you enter Pontiac.  At the first stoplight, the schools will be on your right.  You can turn here for the elementary school or go one more block and then turn right for the other schools/fields.


For Junior High Softball:


The field is by the Prison on the west side of town.  Once in Pontiac, stay on Route 116.  This will go several blocks, thru downtown and eventually will come to a stop light, “old state Route 66”, turn left at this light and go to the next light and turn left.  Just after the railroad tracks, turn right and follow this road to the Rec Center and the fields.