PBL Board of Education

The PBL Board of Education meets each month in the Board Room at PBL Junior High School. All meetings are open to the public and any guests are given an opportunity to address the board as an agenda item each month.The following is the tentative schedule of 6PM meetings for the 2020-2021 school year:

7/15/20 8/12/20 9/16/20 10/14/20
11/12/20 12/16/20 1/13/21 2/10/21
3/10/21 4/14/21 5/12/21 6/16/21

2020-2021 Board Calendar

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Collective Bargaining Agreement 2021 - 2025

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School District Philosophy

The Paxton-Buckley-Loda C.U.S.D. #10 Board of Education is pledged to the following philosophy of education:

We are committed to the education of all children in Paxton-Buckley-Loda C.U.S.D. #10 who can benefit from public school education.

We are committed to the belief that education is the process whereby society utilizes its knowledge of learning to develop each individual to the highest degree possible as a member of a democratic society.

We are committed to the task of providing as solid a foundation of both academic or vocational knowledge and skills as each individual child’s ability will permit.

We are committed to the belief that individual differences exist in the school population and that differentiation of instruction is imperative if individual needs are to be met adequately; further, encouraged and challenged.

We are committed to the belief that every child should be encouraged and stimulated to be perceptive, to exercise critical thinking and to make logical decisions bases on facts.

We are committed to the task of developing in every child an understanding and appreciation of the force and ideals which have made America great, and a sense of personal responsibility as future citizens of the community, of Illinois, of the United States, and of the world.

We are committed to the provision for guidance that will foster the best possible vocational choices commensurate with the child’s ability.

Dawn Bachtold - President - dbachtoldboe@pblpanthers.org - IARSS Certified
Jason Dirks - Member - jdirksboe@pblpanthers.org - IARSS Certified
Allen Johnson - Member - ajohnsonboe@pblpanthers.org - IARSS Certified
Steve Pacey - Secretary - spaceyboe@pblpanthers.org - IARSS Certified
Craig Loschen - Member - closchenboe@pblpanthers.org - IARSS Certified
Dana Bergandine - Member - dbergandineboe@pblpanthers.org - IARSS Certified
Shawn Young - Vice President - syoungboe@pblpanthers.org - IARSS Certified