Unit Office

PBL CUSD #10 Unit Office

P. O. Box 50
700 W. Orleans
Paxton, IL 60957

Located just inside the north entrance of the Junior High off of Pells St.

Voice 217-379-3314
Fax 217-379-2862

Mission Statement

It is the mission of Paxton-Buckley-Loda Community Unit School District No.10 to prepare each student to be a successful citizen as demonstrated through strong character, responsible actions, and a passion for life-long learning. PBL students will be empowered with the skills that allow them to read with comprehension, communicate clearly, utilize technology, think critically, work effectively with others, and use information to solve problems. PBL is committed to a systematic approach of support and intervention to assist each individual in reaching his or her full potential. We are dedicated to providing a safe environment while fostering a climate of high expectations for our students, staff, and the communities we serve.
(Adopted April, 2009)

“Excellence through rigor, relevance, and relationships.”
Rigor: PBL is dedicated to providing a rigorous curriculum, coherent across grade levels, where students learn, think, comprehend, and communicate analytically.

Due to a rigorous curriculum:

• I can achieve anything by giving maximum effort, using my academic skills to think critically, to solve problems, and to communicate with others.


Relevance is reinforced at PBL by making curricular connections between learning objectives and real life experiences. Students will prepare for adult roles by learning and applying fundamental skills and competencies.
My educational experiences are relevant to me because:
• I can be a self motivated, life-long learner.
• I can be accountable to myself and others.
• I can plan for the future by adapting easily to change and managing new technologies and information.


Positive relationships are the foundation for all learning experiences at PBL. Students,staff, parents and community members will collaborate to create and foster a safe environment where respect for others and tolerance of individual differences are modeled and expected at all times.
To build positive relationships:
• I can be tolerant and accepting of individual differences.
• I can demonstrate responsibility through good decision making.
• I can display good citizenship by representing myself, my school, my community, and my country with pride.
• I can achieve my goals through self motivation and by encouraging and working with others.

Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)

FOIA requests will be received by U.S Mail, Fax, or email. Please direct all requests to Cliff McClure, Superintendent, Box 50, Panther Way, Paxton, IL, 60957, email: cmcclure@pblpanthers.org , or Fax: 217.379.2862. Clearly indicate that you are requesting information under FOIA. Office hours are 8 AM to 4 PM, Monday - Friday. Phone - 217.379.3314.

Dave Bachtold - Director of Buildings & Grounds- dbachtold@pblpanthers.org  

Jesse McFarling - Ford County Special Ed. Director - mcfarling.jesse@gcmsk12.org

Sherry Elliott - Food Service Director - selliott@pblpanthers.org

Dustin Franckey -Technology Coordinator - dfranckey@pblpanthers.org

Chris Johnson - Unit Office Bookkeeper - cjohnson@pblpanthers.org

Keven Lewis - Student Transportation - keven.lewis@firstgroup.com - 217-673-7036

Cliff McClure - Superintendent - cmcclure@pblpanthers.org

Lynnette Rudin - Records Clerk - lrudin@pblpanthers.org 

Amy Teske - Unit Office Manager - ateske@pblpanthers.org

Tara Chandler - Curriculum Director - tchandler@pblpanthers.org