Linda Schoonveld was born in Illinois and has lived in Iowa, Tennessee, and North Carolina. Her husband, David, passed away in 2019. She has four children, Michael, Trevor, Maxwell, and Jessica. “I have many other children that called us Mom and Dad, “ Mrs. Schoonveld shared. “We also have honorary grandchildren.” Mrs. Schoonveld enjoys going on “adventures” with her children and is looking forward to having more opportunities now that she is retiring.

When growing up Mrs Schoonveld did a lot of child care as her family was pretty large. She also took care of a lot of neighborhood children. “I always wanted to work with children,” she said. She worked many jobs, including car recovery, which she described as “very dangerous”. She then got the opportunity to work with kids. Mrs. Schoonveld started at Clara Peterson as a volunteer, then a sub, then a permanent sub, and was finally hired in the district as an instructional aide.

“I have enjoyed working at Clara Pete,” Mrs. Schoonveld said. “When you work with preschool children you never know what they are going to tell you! I think if I would have written things down I could have had my own Art Linkletter show of Kids Say the Darndest Things. Boy, ok, that dated me!” she laughed. “I really have enjoyed working with all of them. I went to 8th grade graduation a couple years back and my eyes were leaking a lot! There were many kids in that class that were our students!”

When asked what she enjoyed most about her job she replied, “The best part of the job is when you can see growth in a child. We had one student that never really talked, then one day said a word. Again my eyes leaked. Happy leaks!”

Mrs. Schoonveld says she will miss everything about her job. “This last year with health issues, it has been hard,” she stated. “I seemed to have missed so much. I’m grateful for each day that I could come in.” 

Mrs. Schoonveld will also miss the faculty and staff. “We have had many good times here and made good memories,” she said. 

When asked what she will not miss she said, “I won’t miss having to come into work after a snow. My driveway drifts really bad and it’s a big job to get it plowed out. One time I thought I was going to have to flag down the bus as it passed by to bring me in,” she jokingly said. 

“I was very happy to have this opportunity to work with kids,” Mrs. Schoonveld said. “I will always remember my time here fondly.”

The PBL Unit #10 CUSD wants to thank Mrs. Schoonveld for her service to the district. She is an example that teaching and working with children is not a job, but a passion. The students will miss Mrs. Schoonveld greatly. We hope Mrs. Schoonveld enjoys her much deserved retirement!