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Olivia Kingren

Olivia Kingren, 2 days ago

Food pickup will be next Tuesday, January 19 due to MLK Day. Remember this a free food program for remote learning families and any in-person families that are working remotely. Follow the link below to sign up.

Rob Pacey

Rob Pacey, 3 days ago

Miss Little's class had fun with a construction project! Students used a list of parts and a model to build their own cranes. They had to draw, write and explain the building steps. Good job Panthers! #firstgrade

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Rob Pacey

Rob Pacey, 4 days ago

Mrs. Ross's class built their own cars in STEM class. They used different gears, rubber bands, and wheel systems as part of a unit on the engineering design process. Good job 4th grade!

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Amanda Styck

Amanda Styck, 5 days ago

❄️Winter Wonders at Clara Peterson❄️
Students are back and learning is in full swing at Clara Peterson. Artwork created by kindergarten students and New Year’s resolutions from Miss Little’s 1st grade class.

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