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Amanda Styck

Amanda Styck, 4 days ago

Please remember -Meal pick up and delivery today from 9:00-11:00 am!

Amanda Styck

Amanda Styck, 7 days ago

Clara Peterson Parents,
The following link gives guidance to parents about remote learning day work completion and turn in for each grade level. Please contact your child's teacher, or call the Clara Peterson office with any questions. #pantherproud

Amanda Styck

Amanda Styck, 9 days ago

Meal pick up at PBL JH and Clara Peterson from 9:00-11:00 today. #pantherproud

Amanda Styck

Amanda Styck, 10 days ago

Clara Peterson parents, PBL needs your input on the last two weeks of e-learning. Please take a moment to complete this simple survey so we ensure that we are doing our best to service your student during these unusual times.

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