Mrs. Jaime Smith Named PBL High School’s Staff Member of the Month


Mrs. Smith, high school secretary, has been named staff member of the month for February at Paxton-Buckley-Loda High School.


Mrs. Smith was nominated for the award by Madisyn Dodge, Hope Watts, and Kate Wilson.  Mrs. Smith has been described as kind, outgoing, and positive.  Students feel comfortable with her due to her personality.  They also feel that they can enter the office and she will help them no matter what the issue may be. 


Kate Wilson stated on her nomination that, “Jaime is one of the first year staff members at PBL High School.  She has a lot to keep track of and do during the day and she does it all so well.  She is very kind to everyone she sees and does everything above and beyond!!!”  Hope Watts said that “Jaime Smith should win because she is always so nice and sweet.”  Madisyn Dodge shared that “Mrs. Smith is always in a bright and cheery mood.  If you ever go into the office with an issue she is willing and ready to help.  Even though she is wearing her mask you can tell she is always smiling.  You won’t ever find her in a bad mood or being cranky.  Her positive vibes rub off on the students!”


The staff member of the month award was presented by Principal Travis Duley.  The award recognizes PBL High School staff members who play an important role in the lives of young adults, families, and society.  This award was established to recognize outstanding people for their dedication, professionalism, and work.  Nominations are submitted by PBL High School students.  The other staff members that were nominated for December Staff Member of the Month are Jaime Smith, Ms. Schuman, Mr. Hess, Ms. Adams, Mrs. Frye, Mr. Allen, Mr. Powers, Mr. Pool, Mr. White, , and Mrs. Zhao.  Congratulations to all of these teachers on being nominated and thank you for all of your hard work!  Great job Mrs. Smith!  Keep up the great work!