Nevaeh Fugett named PBL High School’s Student of the Month


Nevaeh Fugett of Paxton has been named student of the month for February at Paxton-Buckley-Loda High School.  Nevaeh was nominated for the award by her teacher, Margo Elson.


Mrs. Elson stated in her nomination, “Nevaeh Fugett enters the classroom as an exemplary student every day.  Nevaeh has perfect attendance this year and comes to school to solely focus on her academics.  As soon as she enters the classroom at 7:45 a.m., she goes straight to her desk and prepares for everything she wants to complete for the day.  I am very proud of how Nevaeh has taken control of her academics.”


Mrs. Elson also mentioned, “I cannot find one characteristic that stands out the most to me when thinking about Nevaeh.  She has so many great qualities!  She is one of the most responsible teenagers I have ever met.  She puts her family first and wants to help provide for them more than herself.  She is a custodian for Panther Academy and takes that responsibility very seriously.  She has been put in situations this year which have proven how honest and loyal she is as a student and employee.  Nevaeh always shows the utmost respect to the staff and her peers.  I can only hope that my own children can be as respectful and hard-working as Nevaeh”


Mrs. Elson went on to say, “I cannot say in my 14 years of teaching that I have too many students who I can trust to follow all of the classroom expectations, especially if I am not present.  Nevaeh is the exception; she takes pride in our daily routine and expectations.  She is even able to hold her peers accountable in a respectful manner.  Another attribute that I am amazed with is Nevaeh’s attitude towards her peers.  She always treats everyone with respect and as equals.  She is very patient with those who may be having a rough day and never holds their actions against them.  In fact, I feel she even helps those who are struggling because she is such a compassionate person.”


“Nevaeh would never admit to being a leader because of her modesty, but I can full-heartedly say that she is a strong leader in the classroom.  She is a perfect example of being able to balance work, school, and family.  Many of her peers can relate to her “story” which helps inspire them, and motivates many of them to do more for themselves.  Miss Fugett is not a boisterous person who likes attention, but she deserves it for all of her hard work and dedication.  I wish all teenagers were able to take a page from Nevaeh’s book when it comes to resilience and perseverance.  I am proud to have been given the opportunity to meet Miss Nevaeh Fugett and work with her on a daily basis.  She is truly a blessing to our classroom environment!”


The student of the month award is sponsored by the Farmers-Merchants Bank of Illinois.  The award recognizes PBL High School students who demonstrate the school district’s mission of “Excellence through rigor, relevance, and relationships.”  Teachers nominate students and the winner receives $50 and the other nominees receive a $5 Just Hamburgers gift certificate.  Isabella Martinez was also nominated for February Student of the Month.  Congratulations Isabella and our winner Nevaeh!