Isabella Martinez named PBL High School’s Student of the Month


Isabella Martinez, daughter of Michael and Nichole Martinez, of Paxton has been named student of the month for March at Paxton-Buckley-Loda High School.  Isabella was nominated for the award by her chorus teacher, Ms. Mauck.


Ms. Mauck stated in her nomination, “Isabella Martinez is a continually positive force in the music department, and it shines through in all of her classes. Overall, she is such a joy to teach and have in any environment.  She is the exact model of “leading by example,” and her positive attitude influences everyone around her. She has consistently put her best foot forward when it comes to academics, works her hardest in every class, and turns things in on time. Her participation in class is one of the places she showcases her leadership skills - Isabella always gives 110% at anything we try in class, and others look to her as an example. She is always willing to be the one to ask questions, try new and different things, and to get outside of her comfort zone to facilitate learning and growth. Her talents for the creative arts are constantly growing stronger, all through her desire to keep challenging herself and to grow. Her overall character is positive towards others, inclusive to everyone, and highly positive, optimistic, and trusting. She also loves sharing her passions with the class and with me, and it seems to inspire others to be as open with the class as she is. Isabella is also well-mannered and respectful towards other teachers and adults, as well as her peers. I know that her other teachers also enjoy her presence, work ethic, and sunshine-filled personality in their classrooms!”


Ms. Mauck also said, “This year, Isabella pushed herself to try something she had never done, and auditioned for the ILMEA District 3 Honor Choir - and was selected! Her extremely hard work preparing for this audition paid off greatly. She was able to represent PBL at the Honor Choir Festival this fall, and proved to herself that she is capable of more than she ever knew. She is very involved when it comes to extracurricular activities, and as usual, she really steps up her game in show choir - a fierce performer, a strong leader, and that “go-getter” attitude that earns the respect of ALL of her classmates, even as an underclassman. Isabella is the kind of student that challenges me as a teacher to constantly find ways to challenge her more, and for that, I am grateful to be her teacher. She brings joy, encouragement, and positive vibes wherever she goes. It is with great conviction that I recommend her for the Student of the Month award.”


The student of the month award is sponsored by the Farmers-Merchants Bank of Illinois.  The award recognizes PBL High School students who demonstrate the school district’s mission of “Excellence through Rigor, Relevance, and Relationships.”  Teachers nominate students and the winner receives $50.  All of the nominees receive a $5 Just Hamburgers gift certificate.  Cadence Jones was also nominated for March Student of the Month.  Congratulations Cadence and our winner Isabella!