Ms. Andrea Schumann Named PBL High School’s Staff Member of the Month


Ms. Schumann, PBL English teacher, has been named staff member of the month for April at Paxton-Buckley-Loda High School.


Ms. Schumann was nominated for the award by Drew Diesburg, Kurtis Atkins, Tanner Adkins, and Brianna Combs.  Ms. Schumann has been described as fun, helpful, and caring.  Students love that she is so understanding and helpful.   


Brianna stated on her nomination that, “Ms. Schumann should get this award because she helps her students in every way she can.  She makes the class fun and entertaining by having little jokes here and there.”  Along those same lines, Tanner Atkins shared that, “Ms. Schumann is always willing to help and she is always so happy!”


Drew Diesburg also said, “I believe Ms. Schumann deserves this award because she helps you understand what she is teaching in a way we can understand.  She is always excited and cheery to start class.  Ms. Schumann works super hard to help all students succeed in her classes.”


The staff member of the month award was presented by Principal Travis Duley.  The award recognizes PBL High School staff members who play an important role in the lives of young adults, families, and society.  This award was established to recognize outstanding people for their dedication, professionalism, and work.  Nominations are submitted by PBL High School students.  The other staff members that were nominated for March Staff Member of the Month are Mr. Blacker, Ms. Mauck, Mrs. Turner, Mr. Pacey, Mr. Allan, and Mr. Slack.  Congratulations to all of these teachers on being nominated and thank you for all of your hard work!  Great job Ms. Schumann!  Keep up the great work!