HS Art

Art III students are up to....only GOOD! Our Community Art unit is well on its way. Several high school spaces are seeing changes! 

Seniors, Kendall Compton and Haeli Follett are finishing a mural started in the Spring of 2020 by then senior, Tim Kennedy. The Art & Design mural is located in the hall near the art room and wood shop. Each letter represents a part of the art program.

Eva Hileman, PJ Tilley, and Maggie Neff have given new life to a small space which is now an extension of Mrs. Allen's classroom. The room now features calm and inviting colors, and a soon to be mural of trees, butterflies and even a panda. The mural is designed with the intention that each year Mrs. Allen's students can add a painted thumbprint to represent a leaf on the tree! The panda and cardinal are being painted in remembrance of 2 PBL students who have passed away. 

Sydney Marshall, Emma Wilson, and Jackson Durham are adding so much fun to the mural in the Little Assembly! Keep an eye out for new birds, butterflies, spiders and more!