PBL Unit #10 School District has been a source of pride and inspiration for the PBL communities and students since it’s inception in 1990. PBL has served as a springboard for young people on their way to attending distinguished universities, colleges, community colleges, trade schools and military service academies all on the journey to embarking on exceptional careers, community service and the betterment of society. PBL has an innovative spirit, while holding true to the traditions, programs and values which have inspired generations of success.

Students at PBL Schools have options and alternatives during their school experience all thoughtfully crafted to assist them on their pathway to college/career success. PBL employs a standards-based, rigorous curriculum that integrates technology, offers choice and fosters student exploration and innovation. PBL High School is able to offer dual credit classes, AP classes, has an exceptional FFA organization and award winning music programs. PBL is proud of its variety of career and technical education programs, providing students with skills and knowledge to enter the workforce with the qualities industry requires for successful long term employment. PBL is proud to have students who have attended, or are attending some of the nation’s finest post-secondary educational institutions including, but not limited to, The University of Illinois, Stanford University, Harvard University, The Naval Academy (Annapolis), Northwestern University, Saint Louis University, The Citadel, The University of Pennsylvania and the University of Notre Dame. Proud rich traditions, strong local values, collaboration, innovation and an unyielding quest for excellence make PBL Schools the very best public education has to offer.

“Excellence Through Rigor, Relevance, and Relationships”

More than a saying that’s posted on the wall, the PBL vision statement is the driving force behind decision making at PBL. Excellence is the expectation in all areas of education. The following opportunities have been introduced and implemented to ensure the best possible outcomes for PBL students.

  • Technology: Increased technology tools woven throughout the curriculum: PBL has created and adopted grade level technology standards and has designated times for a technology specialist to work with K-5 students. Students utilize LEGO robotics kits as well as other STEM-focused activities. PBL Junior High offers students STEM exposure through Project Lead the Way including the addition of a Medical Detectives course.

  • Navigating the journey to 1:1: Technology integration is critical to ensure PBL students have the 21st-century skills necessary in today’s workplace. The Technology Committee has worked to create a platform for increasing devices for staff and students that include plans for long-range affordability and sustainability as well as professional development for teachers. PBL will be a “one-to-one” District in the 2020-2021 school year.

  • Space utilization: Community input was gathered to determine the best course of action moving forward in terms of district facilities. The community passed a 31.4 million dollar referendum to replace heating and add a cooling system at the high school, renovate current facilities at Clara Peterson and construct a new addition to accommodate grades 2-5 including state of the art classrooms, cafeteria, media, gym, and music instructional spaces. These renovations and new facilities were completed and opened to students and teachers in the 2019-2020 school year.

  • Curriculum Committees: PBL has created subject area curriculum committees to revise and evaluate curriculum, review instructional resources, and assist in assessment design.

  • Professional development: PBL is committed to providing high-quality professional development. We dismiss early each Tuesday for staff collaboration opportunities.

  • ALICE School safety: The National Standard of Care and the leading training solution for active shooter response, ALICE (Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, Evacuate) Training provides individuals with knowledge and skills in the event of an aggressive intruder. PBL is an ALICE Certified School District. All school employees receive a comprehensive online training course and complete an assessment regarding the ALICE school safety and response procedures. PBL has a staff member who is an “ALICE Instructor” certified at each campus. Certification requires a 2 day comprehensive training.

  • Balanced Literacy Initiative: PBL has partnered with Dr. Julie Eckberg to implement a balanced literacy initiative for the instruction of English/Language Arts in grades K-12. Teachers meet and collaborate to discuss teaching strategies, best practices, and design curriculum. Teams work to ensure a cohesive and articulate approach to literacy instruction.

  • ECCA: PBL has partnered with other high schools in the region, through Education for Employment System #330, and in collaboration with Parkland College to provide high school students an accelerated pathway to post-secondary experiences. The program, known as the Early College and Career Academy, is a new program for high school juniors and seniors to earn credits that count toward a high school diploma and college, all while gaining skills in six different Parkland College degree programs.

  • CEO Program: PBL collaborates with Midland Institute to offer a year-long entrepreneurship course that provides an overview of business development and processes for high school students.

Panther Pride

4 FFA State Presidents (3 in the previous 10 years)

9 ICTM State Champions (Top 2 regional finishers in 24/25 years)

3 National Merit Scholars (3 semifinalists, 21 commended)

All 3 Grade Centers are identified as “Commendable” according to ISBE standards

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