Meet Jasper!

  • Birthday: 7/20/2020

  • Breed: Australian Shepherd

  • Therapy Dog Since: May 2022

  • Handler: Miss Bleich

Jasper is a Certified Therapy Dog through Love on a Leash. He is a gentle, loving, energetic dog who loves being around kids. He enjoys getting pets, cuddles, listening to young readers, and performing tricks. When not at school Jasper likes to walk with Miss Bleich, hike, play with his cat sisters, and play tug-of-war. His favorite toy is his yellow squeaky ball. His favorite treat is cheese!

When approaching Jasper walk calmly and quietly. When you get close to him put out your hand for him to sniff. This is how he gets to know you. He may lick your hand and his nose will be wet. Jasper loves getting his cheeks, head, or belly rubbed. When petting Jasper make sure to use gentle hands, and a soft voice.