It's fire truck Friday in Miss Little's first grade class! We had fun building this Lego machine in STEM class!
5 days ago, Rob Pacey
Lego Firetruck
A rainy day project with Mrs. McElhoe's first grade class. Go Panthers!
13 days ago, Rob Pacey
STEM Class Students
Lego Carnival Ride
STEM Class Students
Due to tomorrow’s forecast, the Clara Peterson PIT Crew Panther Walk will be rescheduled for next Friday, May 13.
13 days ago, Amanda Styck
Fourth Grade students will be arriving back at Clara Peterson, from their field trip to Springfield, at approximately 4:00 pm. Please pick up students at the main North entrance of Clara Peterson.
14 days ago, Amanda Styck
Mrs. Ross's 4th grade students and Mrs. Steiner's 2nd grade student are pictured here with books donated by the PBL Education Foundation Book a Month Program! Also, pictured are Mrs. Johnson's 2nd grade students with reading buddies they have from Mrs. Talbert's kindergarten classroom, with their books from the PBL Education Foundation.
29 days ago, Amanda Styck
Pictured here are Mrs. Goodson's 5th grade class, Mr. Picken's 5th grade class, Mrs. Dirks's 4th grade class and Mrs. Gerdes's 2nd grade class with books donated by the PBL Education Foundation for the month of April!
29 days ago, Amanda Styck
Our 2nd and 4th grade classes have been constructing and using models in STEM class over the last few weeks. Students have used the Lego replicas to help explain science concepts and how things work. From birds to land sailing and concrete mixers to water wheels, we wanted to show off their hard work! Go Panthers!
30 days ago, Rob Pacey
Land Yacht
4 Sail Wind Car
Lego Bird
Lego Concrete Mixer
Clara Peterson parents, This is a reminder that PBL will dismiss at 1:00pm on Tuesday, March 29. Busses will depart Clara Peterson at 1:00. Also, please make arrangements for your child to be pick up at 1:00 if he/ she is a car rider. Have a great evening.
about 2 months ago, Amanda Styck
Our engineers in Mrs. Jones's and Mrs. Steiner's first and second grade classes have been busy! Go Panthers!
3 months ago, Rob Pacey
PBL Students
Wheeled Crane
Land Crane
Counter Weight Crane
Clara Peterson will celebrate 2-22-22 tomorrow!!
3 months ago, Amanda Styck
Students in Mrs. Steiner's second grade class built a Lego rubber band car. The lesson helped the kids test their engineering, design and measurement skills. Good job Panthers!
3 months ago, Rob Pacey
Student Measuring Lego Car
Lego Rubber Band Car
Mr. Palmer's fourth grade students worked on some free-build challenges in Lego class today. Great job making some very cool model prototypes!
3 months ago, Rob Pacey
Clara Peterson students will celebrate KINDNESS WEEK February 14- 18. Here are the themes for each day. Monday - We LOVE Kindness [Wear Red or Pink] ❤️ Tuesday - TEAM Kindness Day 🏀⚾️🏈 [Wear your favorite sports team gear] Wednesday - DREAMING of Kindness [Wear your PJ’s] 🌙 Thursday - CRAZY for Kindness [Crazy hair and socks] 💥 Friday - Show your PBL Kindness [Wear Blue & Gold] 🐾 🐾
3 months ago, Amanda Styck
We're celebrating National Lego Day! Here are a few projects that our students at Clara Peterson have been working on. Go Panthers!
4 months ago, Rob Pacey
Lego Pull Bot
Lego Flywheeler
EV3 Toddle Bot
Duplo Woodpecker
Fans are already lining up for tonight's game between PBL and Monticello. Let's go Panthers! Great job building the Lego turnstile! #FirstGrade
4 months ago, Rob Pacey
Lego Turnstile
Lego People
Our 5th grade classes have been working on some Christmas Pixel Art during tech time using Google Sheets. Nice work Panthers!
5 months ago, Rob Pacey
It was a great Festival of Trees in our kindergarten STEM classes this week. Nice work by Mrs. Talbert's and Mrs. Jones's classes.
5 months ago, Rob Pacey
Lego Tree
Student A
Festival of Trees
Just over here playing some reindeer games...
5 months ago, Rob Pacey
Student A
Student B
Student C
Lego Reindeer
Do You Want to Build a Snowplow? Whoops...those aren't the lyrics! Great job by our 1st grade builders today. In other news, don't miss the district Holiday Concert, this Sunday December 5th at 2:00 pm at the high school!
6 months ago, Rob Pacey
Student A
Student B
Lego Snowplow
3rd and 4th grade STEM students are working on some reindeer-themed designs this week. Building that holiday spirit!
6 months ago, Rob Pacey
Lego Rudolph
Lego Reindeer